At last, I have found justification for emotional and erratic behaviour! As with all things, it has come with some cost. Namely my ski prospects are dismal this year (both in Canada and Australia winter seasons), I spend small fortunes on the the most expensive bakery bread one can find in the eastern suburbs, and the scales are tipping a few kilos heavier.

Of those few kilos, 110g is really what’s significant. Contained in that 110g is a little heart laying down some serious beats (we’re hoping this little heart will grow out of its deep trance music phase, but we’ve agreed to love and accept it no matter what).

Yes, it’s true! My parents are going to be grandparents! (and similar to when Sean attempted to tell them we love spending time together and wanted to get married and my father said “so, are you saying you want to move into the basement?”, when we told my parents they would be grandparents in early 2020 my mother’s response was “Wait – you’re not getting a dog, are you?” I am so glad I can still surprise them after all these years).

So that little surfing avocado you see is making me do all kinds of crazy things like sleep 14 hours a day, eat lots of carbs, and think about life insurance. It’s pretty awesome already. ❤