This Blueberry has taught me a few humbling lessons so far. Dry wrenching in the bushes of a gas station parking lot is definitely humbling. As is getting winded after skiing (downhill) for only a couple of runs. So is reverting to my childhood dream diet of toast and chocolate almond milk more days than not.

What’s also humbling though is realising that I’m not all that tough. As I breathe heavily climbing the stairs up to our apartment and stop for a rest, I’m reminded of old war movies where they have to evacuate villages of women, children and the elderly to escape invaders. Inevitably there are always several pregnant women making the harrowing journey… and somehow they do it without complaint or loss of focus.

I, on the other hand, am perfectly safe, fed french toast by an amazing husband, and still want to complain.

I want to be that woman who does everything throughout pregnancy – swims in the ocean every morning through winter, cross country skis, explores the outdoors and camps in the backcountry. The one that other people think is “hardcore” and that the kid later looks back and thinks their mom is a badass.

But right now, I’d prefer to be horizontal on the couch, watching rugby and getting a foot massage.