Day 6 is an extension of Day 5. The hours pass slowly and everything feels a bit dull. Looking back on last year’s post at this time, I felt the same way then. Lethargic, low, grey.

This is only 6 days of eating low-calorie, low-nutrition food. I can’t imagine how someone living in a refugee camp, surviving violence and terror, losing home and family, vulnerable and frightened, would feel. Food is such a small part of their experience, but living on these rations makes me truly grateful for how much of the refugee experience I don’t have to live.

Thankfully I have been kept busy teaching yoga at the nursing home around the corner. It seems the older generation often notes how fortunate we are to be in Australia. They call it the “land of milk and honey”, where people have enough to eat and a safe place to sleep. Most of them lived through the second world war and it is never forgotten. Gratitude and awareness of the good in life is always on their mind – something easily forgotten when living in constant comfort.

The support from our community has been incredible. We’ve raised over $1700. The generosity and empathy of our friends and families towards this cause is inspiring. Thank you!

I’m off to teach another class, thank goodness, otherwise I’d just melt down into my chair and slide into a puddle on the floor. Wish me luck, and, as usual, donate here.