This morning I woke up sad. There was no reason for it, I just felt a bit down and not quite myself. I remember feeling rather low during much of the Ration Challenge last year. Mid-afternoon is when my energy plummets, and the struggle is real! I become dyslexic at times, and struggle to keep my lefts and rights straight (not good for a yoga teacher!). Fortunately a solid meditation practice evens me out in the morning, and yoga is a good refresher in the afternoon. Still… I miss my snacks.

I love snacks, but I have noticed that they fill the gap often when I’m tired and need sleep or restless and need exercise. Or when I’m feeling low and need to talk. This week has demonstrated how much easier it is to mindlessly eat something instead of notice what I’m feeling and what I actually need.

To me, the challenge of eating rations for the week is less about quantity of food than quality of it. If I had to guess, I’d say fruit and veg comprise about 70% of what we eat, and my energy levels are directly impacted by their absence. It makes me wonder how people who don’t eat fruit or veg must feel on a regular basis.

You’ve got to groove in the face of adversity.

Don Was
Don Was. Grooving.

Teaching yoga and working has been wonderful. Aside from some parietal lobe dysfunction and noisy stomach rumblings (a little awkward during savasana), it’s been a very welcome way to get my thoughts off myself and be of service, which is really energising.

Next up, Day 6 – which is only 4 days from birthday cake on Sunday! (Happy birthday to me!) I know you were planning on sending a present, but let’s just make it easy and you can donate to the Refugee Ration Challenge instead? 🙂

As a thank you for reading, a link to the always-grooving Don Was (quoted above), from his pre-Rolling Stones era: