My grandma passed away earlier this month. That smile pretty much says everything, but here are a few words written for her funeral on behalf of my brother and myself. 

Grandma will be remembered by us for many things, notably her mischievous smile and bright red hair. Our visits to the house at 90 Arnold Avenue were always marked with surprises – we loved to explore the room opposite ours, Aunty Sandy’s old room. It was filled with pictures and memories that seemed endless. Grandma would come up and tell us stories about our dad, our aunt and our uncle, and show us photo evidence that they had once been children too. 
In the mornings Grandpa would make homemade waffles – a real treat for us. Grandma would sing Amazing Grace as she moved around the kitchen getting the table set. In the evenings we would join them in the garden, stealing sugar peas when they weren’t looking.
When we asked for her to teach us German, she made sure we knew the most important words – “Ich liebe dich”. I love you. Warm, sweet, and always ready with a conspiratorial smile, Grandma is remembered with love.