I’ve created a monster.

After 2 weeks off the mountain, Sean is beyond eager to get skiing again. Christmas on the prairies with my family was wonderful – one of the best, really – but we have few hills to offer the keen alpinist. Despite the excitement, our return to the mountains has been delayed. First, by an extended stay in Drumheller to explore the dinosaur museum (highly recommended!), and now by a nasty cold that is plaguing me. Poor Sean has been taking care of my gross snotty-nosed self all day, forgoing his first chance to get back on the chairlift and ski at Lake Louise. It must  be love.

Around 4pm he could bear it no more, however, and packed his ski boots for the 300m drive up main street to the top of our current hometown of Field, BC. There, he hiked up the unmaintained cemetery road another couple hundred meters and strapped on his downhill skis. It was a desperate move, surely, but he returned thrilled and excited. Ready for tomorrow!