G’day twofunkyhearts Readers,

I’m very pleased to make your acquaintance and so happy to be the newest funkyheart that I’ve been at a loss for words this last week or so. As to where to begin, you guys are pretty smart and there’s far too much back story to delve into it all today. Suffice to say this, Daryl and I quite literally danced into each other’s lives in Sydney, Australia back in April. It was some cosmic soul connection through time and space or, you may say, good old-fashioned love at first sight. Whatever it is, we’ve been pretty much inseparable ever since and here we are today, mid-way through a journey across Canada at Dazzler’s spiritual childhood summer home, Shell Lake, Saskatchewan. We’re on this trip together to take Daryl home to see her family and to introduce her parents and I. They are lovely. So far, I think it’s going super well.

This is my first time in Canada. What a stunning, vast country it is! So much water in this great Northern place it blows my Australian mind. I have never experienced a Northern Hemisphere autumn. We’re crossing the country by train, which deserves a blog post of its own. Such a beautiful time of year watching the gold, red-orange trees turn day by day. Makes sense they call it fall here.

In keeping with the theme, these are 5 facts as I see them at the time of writing:

  1. Until last week I had never eaten pumpkin pie. Thanksgiving rocks, if only as a reason to eat extra helpings of this delicacy.
  2.  I have seen and communicated with a moose and a beaver in the last week. Canada’s most famous fauna did not disappoint, they are both fascinating creatures. I’ve been dismayed to learn that beavers really are destructive pest when too close to civilisation.
  3. Canadian Football is a sport I respect and enjoy watching yet have very little understanding of. Go Riders!
  4. Potluck dinners are an excellent North American idea I hope the rest of the world picks up on.
  5. Halloween is a great way to recycle Thanksgiving’s left over pumpkin shells.