Dear twofunkyhearts Readers,

As always, thank you for your patronage of my little blog. The fact that people actually read this and catch up on what’s happening in my life never stops surprising and delighting me. In the last few years I’ve had periods of silence in my posts, but regrettably my current absence has by far been the longest.

When I last posted, I’d moved to Australia and was working with a small company. I had many positive experiences and love Australia (and Australians!), but I was working in an exceedingly toxic environment which infiltrated to other parts of my life. I found it hard to write here without being honest about what was happening professionally, so I stopped posting altogether. In July my position with the company came to an end – a true blessing which took some time to accept. During and after my employment I wrote often, but I’ve not yet published any of those posts (perhaps I’ll catch up on the last several months – I’ll do my best but knowing me, I’m quite likely to be distracted by new events).

At the time of writing, these facts are true:

  1. Bronte Beach in Sydney is where I call home.
  2. I’ve finally taken the Universe’s unsubtle hints and exited the medical industry.
  3. I have a wonderful man in my life, Sean, and our philosophy is to make each day a masterpiece.
  4. I am currently writing from a cabin on a river close to Sioux Lookout, Ontario.
  5. Last night Sean and I played checkers with salt & pepper packets during a 20 hour train journey from Sudbury.


Sean and I are taking a couple months and traveling by train across Canada. We’re heading home to Saskatchewan for his first ever Thanksgiving, and will continue west then south, then north again for Christmas. There will be a lot to tell and Sean is probably even more eager than I am to write about it and post photos from our adventures. And, seeing how this site is called twofunkyhearts, it seems to make sense to invite the funkiest heart I know to write here too. So, please welcome our new contributor to twofunkyhearts. I’m rather fond of him.


More to come soon.