I’ve been meaning to publish this for ages, but first wanted to clean it up, make it sound less cheesy. However I realize now that I am back working in industry that many of my practices – especially writing – have suffered. So, if I don’t just post this as-is, it may never get done. So, here goes. This is a partial list of ideas (ideals?) I felt crystallised or clarified in my mind and heart while roaming over the last 2 years. 

  1. The only important thing is the ability to generate goodwill towards people, places and circumstances, regardless of whether they seem worthy of amity or compassion.
  2. Feeling badly of another person, place or circumstance reflects on who you are, not who/what they are.
  3. The reason why something happens to us never matters. We think it does, but it doesn’t. There are no exceptions.
  4. Acceptance is the easiest most difficult thing and the only choice.
  5. Everything changes and nothing stops moving, no matter how slowly.
  6. The poorest person who truly shares their presence gives more than the fattest cheque from the richest man. Those with nothing are often the most generous, and those with everything can be the greatest misers.
  7. The power of a smile transcends every language and culture.
  8. Home is where you are. But it’s nice to share it with people, so never stop looking for and growing your tribe.
  9. Your oldest friends carry pieces of you that you’ve forgotten. Be grateful they carry this load and cherish them immensely.
  10. Nothing is ever out of reach, just out of sight. Get a stool, turn on the flashlight, look under the carpet.
  11. Being loving is the easiest thing to do and possible with anyone. It has absolutely nothing to do with age, social standing, nationality, income, family situation, education, experience or ethnicity. These are factors relating to a contract and should be acknowledged in addition to – or inspite of – the feeling of love.
  12. It takes courage to risk staying too long instead of leaving too soon.
  13. If everyone only lived with the focus of making their own life and environment beautiful, we would live in a utopia.
  14. Joy, wonderment and curiosity are some of the best qualities to strive for.
  15. Even when you think you have nothing, you have more than you need.

PS – If you haven’t read The Velveteen Rabbit for a while, it’s my recommended reading of the day.