It’s been wonderful to be home in Saskatchewan again, spending time with my folks. True, it’s been raining everyday for 12 days, and I’m still unable to run or really move using my legs in any form of exercise due to that whole ankle thing in Italy, but nonetheless, it’s been a great visit. Chatting, eating, reading, eating, watching movies, eating. (My mom makes chocolate chip cookies and Saskatoon berry pie so good that I kind of hate them).

As usual, my mom found an excuse to wear funky sunglasses: Canada Day. I must say, we make Dollar Store shades look good:

On one particularly grey day we went back to Saskatoon for a surprise drop-in to my pseudo grandparents, Art & Judy. Judy is the only person in the world I’ll drink a Bacardi Breezer with. Cheers.


My dear friend Mike – or Megan as she’s more commonly known to those outside of softball circles – came up to the lake with her family. It’s funny how you don’t realise time passing in your own life until you see other people’s milestones like them getting promoted, engaged, married, or their kids growing up. Megan’s three girls are the most amazing little people and I just love being around them. I feel like they’re the nieces/daughters/godchildren I don’t yet have (or actually, maybe I am their godparent… shit, I better get more responsible, stat).  We hung out at the cabin and beach, and late in the week I went for a visit out to their farm close to Rosthern. Little people are so much more fun than adults.

One of the highlights from my visit home has been the annual Shell Lake Garage Sale. My mom and I walked through it once, returned to the car with a stack of books (3 for a dollar!), when I suddenly pulled out my phone and insisted we go back in so I could document the many treasures of outdated technology (1980s fax machines, rotary telephones) to mens’ underwear. I do all this for you, my faithful readers.

Finally, as it came time to leave and head on to the next leg of my trip (Ontario), we headed out for a nice see-you-soon dinner. Check out how handsome my dad is. Not to brag, but I’ve got great genes.


It’s always sad leaving, but that’s only because the visit is so good. And that’s something to be really grateful for.