I love this time of the evening when camping.. my bed is made (despite having the tent fixed I’m opting for bivy under the starts – or cloud cover as is true tonight ps: a major mistake I found when the rain soakinng through my sleeping bag finally forced me to set up my tent in the dark). Dinner is finished and food is hung in a tree. I’m writing and sipping tea that’s gone cold too quickly, listening to the waves hit the rocks. Monster mosquitoes are flying aroud despite the chill and I can only imagine what it must be like as it warms up here. My campsite is cute, bare bones, on the south side of a barrier separating a freshwater bay from the ocean. Theres a breeze with a chilli in it which makes me look forward to the warmth of my sleeping bag.

My creative mind has been activing today, coming up with plans and business ideas, and processing a lot of past events and people. It feels like I’m purging so much of what has been unhealthy for me in the past: people, places, relationships, environments. Perhaps making space for something new.