My dad sent me this photo a few years back with the line “Would you get into a car with this man?” The photo was his taxi license from the ’70s.

Of course, my answer now would be “Yes!!” There’s nothing more I’d rather do now than drive around with my dad and listen to his stories. I think as a child it’s natural to have a somewhat one-dimensional view of your parents. They are irrevocably in that role, and it’s a bit of a stretch to see them in any other light. Of course, as a parent now myself I realise that I’ve got over 3 decades of life before my son was here, and while being his mom is my primary role now, I have a whole lot of life before and outside of him. My dad, obviously, was the same way. Half of his life he lived before my existence, and most of it I know little to nothing of. Much of his life even when I was alive and somewhat cognisant, I know little of.

So this is a call for stories please. I’d love to hear about my dad in the way that others knew him. When my dad passed, several people said Dad had been their best friend. He was known and loved by so many, and was a man of mystery (like who IS that guy in the photo? Anyone who knows that guy – tell me stories!). Censorship not required.

Seriously, if you knew my dad and wouldn’t mind telling me about him, please do reach out. I’d love to know you, and know a bit more of him. My email is: darylahiebert @ (no spaces).

Hug your loved ones close, and ask your taxi driver about themselves.