2020 was a beautiful year.

I know I’m not really supposed to say that given the current social climate. It’s like admitting you know all the lyrics to a cheeseball song or the dance moves to a Spice Girls music video (shut up, Megan).

But it was really good for us.

Sean and I started the year cross country skiing in the Kootenays, Hutchy showed up at the end of February, we left the big smoke for the coast soon after, and have been busy making a lovely life. Volunteering at local market garden farms has been a highlight, as has starting our own radio show on community radio (107.5, 2EARfm on Fridays between 10-1pm if you want to tune in). We’ve been so busy making our current situation a dream that we have almost forgotten how annoying lockdowns and face masks can be. As much as we are citizens of the world, it’s been wonderful to be citizens within this 5km radius. We’re incredibly lucky to live where we want to be, but also to have the energy, interest and time to make this place the kind of world we want to live in.