If I were single doing this Ration Challenge, I’d be eating plain white rice, pouring ration oil in it, and sprinkling salt on top. Thank God I married a man who knows how to cook rice! Sean is brilliant; he’s made little pancakes, rice cakes, curried fried rice (sans egg, of course), and this morning made a soup of our boiled chickpea ration. I swear, he’s keeping me alive.

This year we’ve raised a good deal of money early in the challenge, so we’ve been able to make use of two spices early on (curry powder and cinnamon are what we chose). They make all the difference, in addition to salt which has been an easy “reward” to get based on funds raised.

Thanks to everyone who has chipped in to raise money for refugees and help us make rice taste good! You’re champions. Our donation site, as always, is right here. (Only $28 away from a serving of vegetables! )