$2521.11 is equal to:
10 years of rations for a refugee
2.8 years of school
34 generous sponsors
21 meals with rice as the main ingredient
Numerous mental slips
High degree of physical exhaustion
3.4kg weight loss (7.5lbs)
A huge lesson in gratitude
Appreciation for our common humanity

The Ration Challenge is over (though feel free to still donate if you missed doing so earlier!). When we started, Sean suggested putting our fundraising goal at $2500. I thought this was overly ambitious and extremely unlikely, but figured why not try? As of yesterday afternoon we thought we’d made a valiant effort, despite coming short when at approximately $1600. However, between the hours of 8pm Saturday and 7am Sunday morning, additional angel benefactors contributed a staggering amount to the cause and as of 10pm on Sunday night we’re sitting at an incredible $2521!

The experience of eating like a refugee was wonderful for both of us. We agree that we’ve come out the other side with a deeper sense of gratitude for the many blessings of our lives: abundant healthy food, clean water, constant home, safe transportation, healthy families, a peaceful country, nature at our doorstep…

The challenge was a great reminder of how living simply truly is the highest form of elegance and sustainability. We had no waste or packaging, spent little energy preparing or cleaning, and were appreciative of every morsel. We also now have a sense of how incredible acts of kindness from people who have little are. When you hear beautiful stories about displaced communities rallying together to bake someone a birthday cake or share rations, the true meaning of what it is to give from the heart is seen clearly. It’s truly inspiring and something I’m reminded to strive towards.

Breakfast was a lovely midday event of pancakes and berries with a cup of tea which totally blew my mind. Dinner was roast veggies and lamb shared with our good friends Sal and Brett. As we prepared, I couldn’t help but reflect on how lucky I am to have something to share.

A small thing that is so easy to forget: How lucky I am to have something to share.

My deepest heartfelt gratitude goes out to all supporters of our Ration Challenge and all other givers of time, money, food and heart. Thank you.

A beautiful life.