In November I was living in my home in the jungles of the Sierra Nevada with my Arhuaco family. December I started work in Belgium with a med tech company. January I waited in a sad Brussels flat for the day I’d leave. February I moved to Australia. Three weeks ago I left for San Francisco, then Orlando, then Asheville, North Carolina, then Los Angeles. Five days ago I boarded a plane to head home. Four days ago I slept in Hawaii. Three days ago I arrived in Sydney.

Four months, four continents, 10 countries. Four weeks, two countries, 6 time zones, 4 red eyes, 8 states, 14 hotels, 103 hours in a plane, one carry-on.

This has gotten out of hand.

When I was younger this was exactly the kind of life I wanted. To see different places, meet interesting people, and do work I thought was important. I realise now the naivety in that outlook. Returning to work with new eyes, I find myself both laughing and despairing at this glamor and mundane routine I’ve returned to.

The last 10 years of constant moving has been an incredible journey, but it’s taught me something contrary to what I’d expected. The experience is amazing, but has a cost of net energy flow away from creativity and community. Normalcy is a superpower.