Today we pause to remember a dear friend.

Beautiful on the inside and out, this friend journeyed with me countless miles, across oceans and continents, in storms and sunny days, lifting my spirits and always making me feel good. Complimented by many, always comfortable to be with, and at home anywhere – day or night, North or South America, beach or mountains, party or relaxation, always a joy to be with.

It’s hard to imagine how we could have been closer. Always within reach, often in touch.

Remembered for leading roles in major works such as:
Daryl Falls in Love – Part 1 & 2
Daryl Finds Gratitude in Dark Colours when Unwashed.
Daryl’s Birthday Suit
Daryl Wears the Same Thing but Puts a Shirt on Top to Make it Look Like a Different Outfit
Daryl Has Two Outfits. This is the Good One.

Sadly, today we also say goodbye to Zebra Dress’ other companions: White Linen shirt and Birkenstock shoes. White Linen Shirt was a true friend, who always served in cool modesty and took the stains of living in the jungle with grace. And Birkenstocks – one can only imagine, knowing the depth of adventure in that roving sole, meandering the streets of a jungle town in a humid afterlife. Always willing to go one more step, Birks will be remembered for quick recovery after numerous surgeries in foreign countries. Despite being glued, stitched and re-rubbered, Birks never complained and always moved forward, pushed onwards, ventured further.

I have spent much of my life and countless formative experiences with these dear friends, and their memories will be imprinted on my memory and in countless photographs of me wearing the same thing for the last 2 years. Also in mourning during this difficult time is Blue Sweater, the last surviving member of Sabbatical 2015-2016. Beset with holes and besieged by an unusual jungle odour, we ask that your prayers be directed for Blue Sweater’s health until it is possible to find a suitable resting place in cooler climes.

In lieu of flowers, donations to Rebuild Daryl’s Wardrobe gratefully accepted.