Yesterday I couldn’t decide what to do with myself. My new friends Cyrill & Vero, a French/Madagascarian couple had left Busintana a couple days before me and the Mamo left for a US tour, so I was all alone except for the security man, his wife, and lovely toddler (who is a rather poor sleeper and pees on my floor). The people of Pueblo Bello were wonderful: abuelas stopping me on the street to help with the muchilla I’m knitting, the Mamo’s daughters helping me practice Spanish, and the 14-year old waitress & mother, Adriana, wanting to chat over pineapple juice. However, despite being busy with these duties of a new resident I felt I needed more focus, especially with learning Spanish, so that I could actually offer these people something when I return in the coming months and years.

After a few minutes of deliberation I booked a cheap plane ticket from Valledupar across the country to Pereira, stopping in Bogota. The plan had been to go to either Manizales or Salento for Spanish school, however when I got to Bogota I completely changed my mind. I mean, I’m used to all this spontaneous (non)planning stuff, but even I am surprised at myself here. In the 45 minute layover at El Dorado International, I cancelled my connection to Pereira, retrieved my luggage, booked a flight to Guatemala, and found several Spanish courses to pick from. Some would people call this indecisiveness. I’ve decided to call it resourcefulness.

Bogotan Artisans (The one in the middle is a wannabe. The guy on my left is the real deal)

For the rest of the day I did errands and had a nice evening in Bogotá visiting an artisan friend (we worked on our muchillas together!). I leave first thing tomorrow for Guatemala City where I plan to take a shuttle straight from the airport to Antigua for the weekend then leave for whichever Spanish school I choose. I am waiting for the one in Flores to get back to me. I’m hoping they have space as it is close to Tikal and has an amazing lake to swim in. I still haven’t been able to run due to the fat ankle, but have my eyes set on a 6km island swim in Italy this October so I need to get training. I’ve never swam 6km, especially not open water, and definitely not after a year+ of sabbatical living. Let’s see how resourceful I am in the Mediterranean with Bergeggi seagull-vultures circling overhead…

(Sorry Mom & Dad that you’re finding this out through my blog. I’m surprised too.)