For Juan’s birthday today we decided to take a little excursion. Wake up in Colombia, take a stroll in Brazil, and lunch in Peru.

Leticia (Colombia), Tabatinga (Brazil), and Santa Rosa (Peru), are sister towns straddling the ti-country border, each with shores that share the Amazon river. It’s incredible to me that you can distinctly feel a different culture in each of the cities/towns. Leticia has the laid-back, easy feeling of Colombia. Tabatinga feels more frenetic and more policed. Santa Rosa, a one-street town, plays Peruvian music, and serves up traditional ceviche to die for.

I have to say, I think Santa Rosa was the highlight for me today. For a few pesos we hitched a ride with a 14 year old boat driver across the river from Leticia and walked the street, stopping to chat with (wild) parrots that hang out in the local bar over a beer and Inka Kola. I can’t believe I’m admitting this publicly, but Inka Kola is incredible! It’s the most delicious, artificially coloured, disgustingly good substance I’ve ever been introduced to. It’s a reason not to go to Peru – after years of never drinking soda, Inka Kola could make me a junkie. We walked further and in the early hours of a Tuesday afternoon, I think I found my purpose: daytime bar singer. Following the ‘music’ we came across another bar, ordered up ceviche and sat down the enjoy the local musical talent. We made friends with the ‘artists’, and loved how they would dedicate their songs to specific people (the place was completely empty except for us), and between each song they would welcome us to their bar, always emphasizing it was “International”.

I also had the chance to meet the famous pink dolphin in the form of a statue. He’s a popular guy – local girls like to have their picture taken with him and his exaggerated anatomy, famous for the apparent seduction of human women along this stretch of the Amazon.