Barichara is an arid, semi-desert climate. Rain here either seems to come in a downpour that floods the dirt roads to my house, or else not at all. I don’t know the last time it rained as I just got back from the coast and the Sierra Nevada mountains up north, but I think it’s been a while as the water to residential houses has been turned off by the town.

This means that for the past 3 days I’ve been living in 30 degree weather, baking under the sun during the day and getting blown around in desert dust in the evenings. I look and smell awesome.

My current lifestyle reminds me Will Smith. You know, the famous funky-fresh actor-rapper-millionaire? Yeah, him. That time he played a down-on-his-luck, out-of-work, recently-evicted (read: homeless) guy who uses subway restrooms to wash. The last two days I’ve resorted to going to the local pool. They lack running water too, and the pool is a bit green, but nonetheless it’s an improvement. It’s fun though, and I must say it’s a pretty great way to make good on a sticky (literally) situation. Also, since I consider myself both resourceful and an optimist, I’ve decided that this forced no-hair-washing situation could be for the best and am giving up shampoo.

…At least until the water comes back on.