Hey Everyone,

You’re going to get a much more detailed post in the next day or two once I download some photos from a friend (this whole losing-my-camera-again-thing sucks), but in the meantime here’s a quick blurb about where I’m at.

For the last 2 1/2 weeks I’ve been in the small town of Barichara in the Santander province of Colombia. When I arrived here I hadn’t expected to stay this long, but have quickly become a resident of sorts – a regular at local coffee shops and popular with the construction workers on my corner. This little town, perched on the side of a cliff, is like a step back in time. The tempo slows as soon as you get off the bus at the town square where older gents loiter the day away. I’ve been loitering here too, reading, studying, writing and restarting my yoga practice (oh, and learning to ride a motorcycle!). The tropical weather is something I appreciate every day, yet I have to admit I miss the white Christmas of home – especially at 4am every day when locals light fireworks to kick off morning mass.