My day has turned around! I’ve gone from a Grumpy Trail Gus to a happy camper. I’ve had yet another beautiful, sunny and warm day and came across just the right number of people to have a chat with. One nice old fella, William Vic from Bay Bulls even picked me up on the from the ECT and dropped me t the grocery store, saving e a few extra kilometers of pavement pounding through town to the next trailhead. I also met the nicest couple here on the beach from St. John’s. She was so interested in the idea of me camping and wanted to know what I eat and how to do it. Anther example of wonderful Newfoundlanders.

The scenery is of course beautiful. I can’t help but say it everyday. It’s different from north of St. John’s with smaller cliffs, no icebergs and som open(and wet!) marshes.

I’m content again, no urge to return to the city as before. im happy and have decided to play the trail by ear, and just see how long I want to keep at it. This is a whole new strategy, different than I’ve ever approached anything in my life before. Releasing a do-or-die attitude is surprisingly liberating. Maybe I’ll feel differently when it rains and gets cold again. The difference between now and a week ago when I was sleeping out in the cold exposed rain is night and day. This sun is wonderful!

Feeling strong and empowered tonight, very aware of the freedoms I’m exercising in doing this little hike and making some travels… freedoms no woman in history – and most in present day – ever have had the chance to experience. Truly, I am so unbelievably lucky that this is my life, that I have my amazing community and that this is my country. No words.

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